Below is the list of bid tabulations pertaining to the individual's bids that were posted on this website. These bid tabulations are posted 24 to 48 hours after the bid has closed. These tabulations are in PDF format and can be printed for your own records.

Community Data Platform RFP#22-0011-7

Architectural and Engineering Design Services for the New Early Child Learning Center Facility RFP#22-0042-4

Architectural and Engineering Design Services for the New Heavy Bay Fleet Facility on Varnedoe Drive RFP#22-0037-4

Annual Contract for Emergency Management Program Augmentation for Chatham County Emergency Management Agency RFP#22-0029-4

Remove/Replace Damaged Strom Pipes @ Various Locations on Three (3) Canals BID#22-0032-7

Purchase and Installation of a Lateral Filing System for Chatham County Police Department BID#22-0039-5

Annual Contract for Mowing and Vegetation Maintenance on Various County Roadways for Chatham County Public Works BID#22-0030-6

Annual Contract to Porvide Lot Maintenance for Chatham County Public Works BID#22-0034-6

Purchase of Embalming Tables (Foldable) RFQ#22-0036-3

Lease of an Autonomous Robotic Line Marking Machine BID#22-0028-5

Concept Development, Engineering Design & Permitting/Post Design Construction Svcs. for Impr. to the Parking Lot, Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts at L. Scott Stell Park RFP#22-0026-4

Request for Statements of Qualifications for Program Mgt. Svcs. for Various CC Capital Projects RFQ#22-0016-4

Annual Contract for Administration Services for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program RFP#22-0021-7

Emergency Dispatch Protocol System for the Chatham County 911 Communications Services RFP#22-0013-5

Quacco Road Outfall Ditch Drainage Improvements BID#22-0018-4 **ALL BIDS REJECTED**

Purchase of Quantum Tape Backup Library for Chatham County BID#22-0019-6

West Chatham Regional Watershed Study RFP#22-0017-4

Annual Contract for Can Liners for the Detention Center BID#22-0025-5

Islands Expressway @ Oatland Island Road Operational Improvements and Resurfacing BID#22-0015-4

Purchase of New Law Enforcement Vehicles for Chatham County BID#22-0022-6

Purchase of Two (2) New Kubota Tractors for Chatham County BID#22-0020-6

Purchase of Various 2022 Ford Vehicles for Chatham County BID#22-0023-6

Purchase of Two (2) Club Car Carryall 700 Services Carts for the Chatham County Detention Center RFQ#22-0024-5

Installation of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Membrane @ the Chatham County Mosquito Control Admin. Bldg. BID#22-0014-4

Dulany Road Shoulder Paving BID#22-0012-4

Annual Contract for Specialized Lawn Care Services for Various Chatham County Facilities BID#22-0004-3

Purchase of Two (2) Club Carryall 700 Service Carts for the Chatham County Detention Center BID#22-0010-5

Remove and Replace Epoxy Floor Coating at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#22-0009-5

Replacement of an Air Compressor at the Detention Center BID#22-0008-5

Construction of a Concrete Slab and Building for SWAT BID#22-0005-5

2021 Resurfacing Roads/Wilmington Island Road Safety Enhancements BID#21-0149-4

Annual Contract to Provide Legislative Liaison Services RFP#22-0007-7

Annual Contract for Service Uniforms and Accessories for the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center BID#22-0001-5

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services at the Aquatic Center and Tag Office BID#21-0144-3

Purchase of an Excavator for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#22-0003-5

Lansing Avenue Traffic Calming/Central Avenue Rehabilitation BID#21-0145-4 **ALL BIDS REJECTED**

Purchase and Installation of Signs at Various Chatham County Locations RFQ#21-0143-5

Purchase of an Excavator for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#21-0148-5 **ALL BIDS REJECTED**

Chatham County Courthouse Fire Pump Relocation BID#21-0139-4

Purchase of Gas-Fired Unit Heaters for Chatham County Mosquito Control RFQ#21-0146-3

Annual Contract for Disaster Recovery Services (Debris Removal) for Chatham County Public Works RFP#21-0133-7

Southbridge Golf Course Storm Pipe Replacement Project BID#21-0135-7

Restriping of Various Chatham County Roads BID#21-0136-7

Annual Contract for HVAC Maintenance Services at the J. Tom Coleman Judicial Courthouse BID#21-0138-3

Consultant to Administer Grant Services to Small, Local Businesses as Part of the American Rescue Plan Act RFP#21-0130-7

Purchase and Installation of Lateral Filing System for CCPD RFQ#21-0142-5

Purchase of Training Enclosed Trailer for CCPD RFQ#21-0141-5

Purchase of Amphibious 8x8 Vehicle for Marine Patrol RFQ#21-0140-5

Appointment Calendar and Queueing System RFP#21-0129-3

Purchase of Ammunition for the Chatham County Detention Center RFQ#21-0134-5

Annual Contract for Elevator Maintenance BID#21-0125-5

Robert McCorkle Bike Trail Improvements BID#21-0122-4

Purchase of One (1) New Self-Contained Compactor BID#21-0127-6

Design, Provide and Install Playground Equipment @ Grays Subdivsion Park RFP#21-0124-7

Sidewalk Replacement Project - Lions Gate Subdivsion Phase II BID#21-0120-7

CPA Supervision of Review of Conservator Reports RFP#21-0128-3

Purchase of Two (2) New Excavators for Chatham County BID#21-0126-6

Chatham County Slip 1 Debris Removal BID#21-0118-4

Purchase and Installation of AV System for Detention Center BID#21-0114-5

Annual Contract for Curbside Yard Waste Processing and Disposal BID#21-0121-6

Purchase of One (1) New Currency and Coin Recycling Unit BID#21-0123-6

Henderson Golf Course Cart Bridges and Paths Restoration BID#21-0116-4

CPA Supervision of Review of Conservator Reports RFP#21-0119-3

E-Procurement Solution Software System RFP#21-0018-7

Purchase of Airborne High Definition Color Camera and Thermal Imager Sensor BID#21-0108-3

Purchase of Airborne Augmented Reality Misson Management System BID#21-0107-3

Annual Contract for Underground Utility Locating and Marking Services RFP#21-0112-6

Furniture for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office Training Building BID#21-0113-5

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies for the CCDC BID#21-0110-5

Willow Lakes Drainage Improvements BID#21-0097-4

Consultant Services for Design of a New Facility for Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia RFP#21-0105-7

Chatham County Records Center Driveway Improvements BID#21-0101-4

Purchase of Flexible Food Trays and Lids for the Chatham County Detention Center RFQ#21-0106-5

Annual Contract for Container Trash Collection Services BID#21-0102-3

Chatham County Slip 1 Dredging BID#21-0087-4

Annual Contract for Uniforms for E911 BID#21-0104-5

Design, Provide and Install an Amphitheather @ Tom Triplett Park RFP#21-0095-7 ***ALL PROPOSALS REJECTED***

Annual Contract for Portable Toilet Rental Services for Chatham County Public Works and Park Services BID#21-0089-5

Engineering Services for Garrard Avenue Improvements RFP#21-0088-4

Purchase of Drone for Chatham County Police Department RFQ#21-0103-5

Annual Contract for Investment Broker/Dealer Services for CC Dept. of Finance RFP#21-0090-7

Purchase of Nitrile Gloves RFQ#21-0096-5

Annual Contract for Chiller and Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance and Repair Svcs. for CCDC BID#21-0092-5

Purchase of Server Hardware Support and Monitoring RFQ#21-0094-6

Engineering Services for Chevis Road Improvements RFP#21-0073-4

Historical Indexing of Land Records for Chatham County Superior Court Clerk RFP#21-0063-3

Annual Contract for Service Uniforms for CCPD BID#21-0084-5

Annual Contract for Savannah-Chatham Mental Health Court Services RFP#21-0081-7

Purchase and Installation of a Scoreboard for the Chatham County Aquatic Center BID#21-00795

Purchase of One (1) Mobile Tower Trailer RFQ#21-0086-6

Coroner’s Office Renovations BID#21-0074-4

Preventative Maintenance, Testing and Repair of Emergency Generator System BID#21-0075-5

Purchase of Office Trailer for Chatham County Engineering RFQ#21-0078-5

Annual Contract to Provide Banking Services for Chatham County RFP#21-0026-7

Annual Pricing for Mosquito Control Chemicals RFQ#21-0045-3

Engineering Services for Interstate 16 @ Jimmy Deloach Parkway Improvements RFP#21-0071-4

Eight (8) 40-Yard Roll-Off Containers BID#21-0077-7

Unified Case Management System for Chatham County Probate Court RFP#21-0072-6

Construction of Three (3) Concrete Slabs at the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#21-0065-4

Construction of Two (2) Metal Buildings with Breezeway at the Chatham County Firing Range BID#21-0066-4

Purchase of New Law Enforcement Vehicles for Chatham County Fleet BID#21-0062-6

Restriping a Portion of Truman Parkway BID#21-0067-7

Chatham County Home Elevation Project for 67 Amanda Drive BID#21-0064-4

Purchase and Installation of Office Furniture for Project Management Office RFQ#21-0076-7

Design and Installation of HVAC System for New Range Building BID#21-0059-5

Children's Garden at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens - Phase I BID#21-0055-4

Annual Contract for Operation and Management of Weightlifting Center RFP#21-0069-5

Re-Sealing and Striping of Parking Lots at the CCDC BID#21-0068-5

Purchase and Installation of a Generator and Associated Equipment BID#21-0057-5

Traffic Sign Digital Printer System, Laminator, Fume Extractor and Application Table BID#21-0042-7

Purchase of Ammunition for the Chatham County Detention Center RFQ#21-0070-5

On Call Environmental Services for Chatham County, GA RFP#21-0043-4

Purchase of Shat-R-Shield Security Lights RFQ#21-0056-5

Engineering Services for Interstate 16 @ Jimmy Deloach Parkway Improvements RFP#21-0037-4 *CANCELLED*

Purchase of MD500 Main Rotor Blades for CC Mosquito Control BID#21-0054-3

Sidewalk Replacement Phase I - Lions Gate Road and Watermill Court BID#21-0040-7

Purchase of New Dump Trucks for CC Fleet BID#21-0050-6

Purchase of One (1) New Bull Dozer for CC Fleet BID#21-0051-6

Purchase of One (1) New Sewer Vac Truck for CC Fleet BID#21-0052-6

Annual Contract for HVAC Maintenance Services at Mosquito Control BID#21-0044-3

Eight (8) 40-Yard Roll-Off Containers BID#21-0039-7 *All Bids Rejected*

Annual Contract for HVAC Air Filters for the Detention Center BID#21-0053-5

Annual Contract for Savannah-Chatham County Drug Court Division Services RFP#21-0038-7

Construction Progress Photographic Documentation BID#21-0049-4

Police Training Simulator for the CCPD RFP#21-0021-5

Annual Contract to Provide Health Claims Audit RFP#21-0034-7

Purchase of One (1) Real Time PCR Instrument for Chatham County Mosquito Control RFQ#21-0041-3

Central Avenue Lift Station Rehabilitation BID#21-0029-7

Purchase of Various Ford Vehicles for CC Fleet BID#21-0033-6

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for Fleet Operations BID#21-0015-3

Purchase of Equipment for Emergency Operations for CCPD RFQ#21-0035-5

Generator Replacement @ the Detention Center BID#21-0028-5

Annual Contract for Guardrail Repair and Installations BID#21-0025-7

Build Out of the Range Training Building BID#21-0009-5

Nottingham Canal Storm Drainage Improvements BID#21-0016-4

Memorial Stadium Parking Improvements BID#21-0017-4

Purchase of One (1) Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package Vehicle for Chatham County Fleet BID#21-0019-6

Special Needs Exercise Program at the Anderson-Cohen Weightlifting Center RFP#21-0007-5

Concessionaire, Custodial and Security Services for Tybee Pier RFP#21-0001-5

Sallie Mood Drive/Agonic Road Force Main Replacement Project - Phase 1 BID#21-0005-7

Annual Contract for Environmental Emergency and Non-Emergency Response Services for CC BID#21-0012-3

Annual Contract for the Purchase of Ballistic Vests BID#21-0011-5

Purchase of Enclosed Trailer for CCPD BID#21-0020-5

Construction of the New Chatham County Courthouse BID#20-0097-4

On Call Geotechnical Services for Chatham County Georgia RFP#21-0004-4

Purchase of Radars for the CCPD BID#21-0013-5

Purchase of Nitrile Gloves RFQ#21-0024-3

On Call Surveying Services for Chatham county Georgia RFP#21-0003-4

Annual Contract for On Call Tree Removal Services RFP#21-0002-7

Purchase and Installation of Modem Upgrades for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#21-0008-5

Ambuc Baseball Complex Improvements BID#20-0098-4

Annual Contract for Pool Pak Units Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services at the CC Aquatic Center BID#20-0101-5

Annual Contract for Valent Air Management System Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services at the CC Aquatic Center BID#20-0100-5

Annual Contract for Boiler Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services at the CC Aquatic Center BID#20-0099-5

Pete Liakakis Building Floor Repair BID#20-0092-4

Annual Contract to Provide Wastewater System Repairs for Chatham county Public Works BID#20-0094-7